Mitel Telefoni IP phone 5304 5312 5320 5324 5330 5340 5360 5310

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Ampia gamma di terminali telefonici Ip per sistemi telefonici 8 ip-pbx ) mitel.

From affordable entry-level phones to products that deliver advanced applications to the desktop, Mitel offers a broad range of analog, digital, and IP phones, consoles, conference units and peripherals.Building on a legacy of success at the desktop Mitel phones combine the ergonomics, feature-richness, and voice quality users expect.

Mitel IP Desktop Applications run on Mitel IP Phones, driving employee productivity and improving the user experience. Available applications include Live Content Suite, which enables you to create and publish dynamic, personalized content to the screen of the 5360 IP Phone, and Mitel 5300 Intelligent Directory which provides an on-screen, searchable contact directory.

Mitel 5304 IP Phone is a cost-effective entry-level display phone that provides access to the features and applications enabled by Mitel’s IP-based communications platforms. It is a dual-mode, dual-port, two-line phone with a 40-character backlit display.

Mitel 5312 IP Phone is a dual-port, dual-mode, enterprise-class IP phone with full-duplex speakerphone, a 40-character backlit display and user-programmable access to features and applications.

The Mitel 5320 IP Phone is an economical, entry-level, self-labeling enterprise phone that is specifically designed for communications-intensive companies that require a converged IP infrastructure to deliver productivity and customer-enhancing applications and services to the user desktop.

Mitel 5324 IP Phone is a dual-mode, dual-port enterprise-class IP phone with a multi-line display that provides users fast and easy access to the features and applications enabled by Mitel’s IP communications platforms. The 5324 IP Phone is designed for power users, such as teleworkers, remote workers, and ACD agents or supervisors, who require an expanded range of programmable features.

The Mitel 5330 IP Phone is a next-generation, full-feature enterprise class phone that provides users with a large graphics display, Dual Mode Protocol SIP / MiNet, Wideband Audio support, HTML Applications Toolkit built in, and 24 programmable self-labelling keys that provide one-touch access to speed calls, and much more.

The Mitel 5340 IP Phone is a new generation phone that can be customized to a specific user and includes a large (backlit) graphics display, Dual Mode Protocol SIP / MiNet, Wideband Audio support, HTML Applications Toolkit built in, and 48 programmable self-labelling keys that provide one-touch access to speed calls, and much more.

The Mitel 5360 IP Phone is an exciting, next-generation desktop device that provides a color touch display to graphically deliver rich applications to general business or across multiple vertical market sectors. Demonstrating Mitel’s continued focus on the user, the 5360 IP Phone delivers easy-to-use, one-touch access to many phone features and applications.

The Mitel 5560 IPT is a dual display / dual handset, multi-line trading appliance that is made especially rugged for operation within the high call-activity environment typified on trading floors.

The Mitel HTML Desktop Toolkit will turn your Mitel 5330 or 5340 IP Phone into a customized business solution. Easy-to-make intelligent phone applications let you replace the standard graphical user interface, add a branded screen saver, create full-page applications, and much more, all using simple HTML, JavaScript, and TelML Tags.

The UC Advanced Softphone provides users with rich deskphone functionality with all phone calls, prompts, and features available from a PC. Take your office with you. Communicate and collaborate from any location with a high-speed connection – just like in the office.

The UC Express Softphone for Mitel Communications Director (MCD) improves the effectiveness and productivity of mobile and remote workers, enabling them to become more accessible to customers, management, and their co-workers regardless of location.

Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit

Full duplex IP audio conference unit features exclusive acoustic beam forming technology to eliminate ambient room noise and sidebar conversations, and is supported across a range of IP Phones.

The Mitel® 5550 IP Console is an advanced PC-based enterprise attendant solution with a highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that utilizes screen-based call status along with call handling prompts, and real-time busy lamp field (BLF) status, making it the complete answer point solution for any corporation.

Mitel’s newest peripheral for the desktop portfolio, the Mitel 5610 DECT Handset and Mitel IP DECT Stand, is an unique accessory that offers unprecedented convenience and limited mobility for IP Phone users.

The Mitel® Cordless Handset and Mitel Cordless Headset allow the user to have personal area mobility with a potential range of up to 300 feet from their desk within their office or adjacent offices, while still communicating via their desktop phone.

Mitel cost-effectively extends the bandwidth capabilities of our IP phones with the Gigabit Ethernet Stand. This unique add-on accessory provides customers with a migration path that is flexible and protects their capital investment at the desktop.

Discrete optional module that integrates into the 5224, 5235, 5324, 5330, 5340 or 5360 IP Phones and provides a separate connection to an analog line. The patented Line Interface Module enhances the Mitel Teleworker Solution, and extends Mitel’s resiliency strategy for IP communications from the core of the network to the desktop!

The Mitel PKMs can easily add 12 or 48 or up to 96 buttons to the existing programmable keys on a 5324, 5330, or 5340 IP Phone or the 8528 and 8568 Telephones. PKM 48 Button units can also be attached to the 5540 IP Console, when used on the SX-200 IP Communications Platform, to extend DSS / BLF capabilities to the console operator.

Mitel’s Wireless LAN Stand is a unique accessory that provides many of Mitel’s wired IP phones with 802.11 wireless connectivity. It can act as a wireless client, or as an Access Point, providing a wireless environment for multiple IP phones and wireless devices.

GN and Plantronics offer mobile headsets to address the cordless and mobile phone market, next-generation computer audio headset products for computer applications, and corded and cordless headsets for the office, small office / home office, and contact centers.

Expansion modules add 12, 48 or 96 additional programmable keys to Mitel Superset 4000 series telephone sets and consoles.

Enhanced digital display telephone provides intuitive, user-friendly access to the advanced features and functionality of Mitel PBX communication systems.

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